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Hello from Middletown, OH, USA


I am a Newbie keeper! So much to learn and I am so excited about the flowhive!.
I do have a few questions that seem to be surfacing in my community of non-flow keepers who are so generously trying to help me get started. If anyone has insight as to the below questions I would be most grateful!!!

  1. Our kit comes with one deep brood box but most non-Flow hive keepers in Ohio, USA use 2 deeps or 3 mediums . Please clearly explain why only one box and do I actually need 2 boxes.

  2. If only one box is used, wouldn’t I have concerns about swarming due to the reduced brood area?

  3. How do I manage the hive throughout the whole year?

Thanks so much and I am looking forward to meeting more of you!


Yes you should use 2 boxes if your local beekeepers do so. Only one box is used in subtropical Australia, where the hive was developed. However, the Flow super is just a method for extracting honey. Otherwise the hive should be managed exactly as your local beekeepers take care of theirs.

Yes, and difficulty surviving the winter due to not enough space for winter food stores. Please use at least 2 boxes, and maybe even 3 (the Flow hive is only 8 frames, most beekeepers in the US use 10-Frame Langstroth hives - 25% more space per box).

Exactly the same way your locals do. Read this forum too, lots of info here. Use the magnifying glass Search function at the upper right of this window to search for specific questions.

In summary, put your first bees into one box. When the frames are all drawn comb, and 80% full of brood or food, consider adding the next box (brood first, then honey harvest after that box is 80% full). Overall, if in doubt, ask your locals. The Flow hive isn’t magic, it is just a new way to extract honey. It doesn’t change the way you should take care of your bees.


Hi Erica,
I’m from Toledo, Ohio and yes we usually use two, sometimes three brood boxes. You can buy a brood box and frames from flow for about $60 dollars. Make sure you are always feeding them syrup if your bees are new and came in a package. They will need it to get stronger and actually grow strong survive through winter. They are working frantically trying to build up to try and make more bees and get through winter.


3 shallow equal one deep
add more suppers or split if need be for new hive hive
We try what we might but time tells us how it will work out. Bees will swarm and they can not be stop once they have made up their minds, we can try to prevent swarms but it is pretty much up to the girls. Find a mentor and read and read everything you can, then read some more. Six years with my first hive two brood boxes and up to three supers to keep them happy. Yet inspection after inspection and things looked good and the Honey. Question how much should I take. How much to leave for them I took what I need one or two frames while inspecting. I would remove ever other one and place a empty frame in place of one’s removed. If I found on next inspection the had work hard then what i expected and found the frames be filled too quickly, I remove several more filled and replaced with empty. Check each supper and do what may to stop swarms. Check brood boxes and number so that they can be place number one in number two positions number two in number one position. And sprinkle one cup of powered sugar over frames and sweep it into opening between frames. 2 cups into brood box. If mite do not reduce as much as I do not want to use chemicals, do the bees a favor and use it.


Thanks! I’ve got another flow box on the way! They were a swarm that had been on frames for a couple weeks. Going to check in today and leave some food to be sure they are eating.