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Hello from Minnesota!


Hello, Howdy, Hi!! I am very excited to order the full flow hive, I am brand new to bee keeping and can’t wait to get started! Anyone else in MN?


I am in central MN. Can’t wait to get my full flow hive in February!


Located in southeastern part of Minnesota. Also hoping to start beekeeping for the first time this year. What part of the start are you located? Maybe we can work together someway?


I am in central MN in the west Metro. Cant wait for the hive to finally come!


Hi, we live in Minnetonka and just got the flow hive package. We have had bees for two years now (conventional hives) and are looking forward to how the flow hive turns out.
I wonder if anyone in Minnesota already started a flow hive last season …or whether all of us out here will be starting in 2016.


I live in Charlotte, NC and just got my Honey Flow hive today. I believe I am one of the first in this area to have one so I’ll be looking to this forum to learn the ins and outs about how best to work with this new system. Right off the bat I have a question about having a second deep on the hive. Any thoughts about whether that would impact this system?


I answered that on the other thread you posted on. Yes, get one, and I mentioned where. Please ask if you have more questions. :wink:


Thanks for the link. I ordered the deep.


Hi! I’m looking for other flowhive beekeepers in Minnesota. I live just outside of Saint Paul and attend the beekeeping meetings in St. Paul and Stillwater. Does anyone else attend those meetings?


hi, great to know…this is our third year with bees and we come to the MHBA meetings at St.Paul. Good to know someone else beside us who has flow hives in Minnesota. We have two hives…with the dadelions blooming early, I have put in a super in both hives. I am hoping to use the flow hive on one of the two split colonies in May.


Did you get your flow hive set up? I am also in Central MN. St Cloud area and new to the beekeeping myself this year. Are you doing 2 or 3 brood boxes and do you have your flow super on now?


Hello there! I finally got my flow super a month after it was suppose to arrive, but at least I got it. The girls are currently working on drawing their second brood box, with hopes of adding the third next Tuesday. Last year I did 2 brood boxes with no luck, so this year I’m trying 3. I might not get to use it this year, but I would be okay with that. Nice to know someone close, I’m in Little Falls.


Thanks for the response! So in reading and asking questions this last week, I am going to go with 3 brood boxes and probably plan on having a second hive eventually to maintain at least one if not the 2 healthy hives. Do you currently have 1 or more hives? Are you part of the bee club there? Or is there one up there?


Not sure if there is one around here, I think in Brainerd there is one. I currently have 4 hives, with a goal of 20 in the coming years. I don’t know it you know about these forums, but they have really good information. I’ll include the links in the bottom. I check out these forums weekly, and I watch several people on youtube if you to know who they are. Also belong to a ground on Facebook that has several thousand members. This is where I get my questions answered, and do research, Is it a family hobby, or one you do by yourself? I find it nice and peaceful working the hives. If you have any other questions, I can give you my email address.


Thank you for the links! I will check them out when I have a moment or two. We have a small hobby farm, but I am the beekeeper :slight_smile: My children are interested and learning, but no bee suits for them yet :slight_smile: Mostly got into it for the pollinating benefits for the garden and such. The honey will be a bonus! I was super excited to have the option to be much more minimally invasive when harvesting the honey. A skeptic said the flow frames will not work here because it is not warm enough. It got me thinking he was partly correct. I’ll just have to make sure it is a nice warm day so that the honey is warm enough to flow! You’ll have to let me know when you try to harvest if you do this year how it goes! I am a part of the tri-county beekeepers assoc which meets here in St. Cloud once a month. SO much information and great people to talk to to learn from! Went yesterday to observe a mite check and learned more. Will probably have to do this myself in Aug, but I will ask the one from whom I got the nuc in May to see what he thinks.


Hi people this my first time on this forum. I live in Northern New South Wales on the table lands where it gets rather cold.

At the moment I have not used my two Flow Hives as I decided to wait
until spring to disturb my bees , the hives only arrived in march and
the weather was starting to turn cold.

So as you can imagine I am
rather keen to use my new hives, Patience is a virtue they say.

So having time on my hands I assembled the Hoop-pine classic, and
converted a Langford Box for the extra six flow frames and in general
fussed about painting them and letting them air out to lose the smell of
the paint. Now all I have to do is wait for spring.

Hive Stands
I was having trouble with meat ants attacking the hive so I sprinkled some ant dust on the ground and then lifted my hives.
With Cafe table stands. which is a single sharft table with five feet extensions on the bottom of the raising tube.

Picked up the old table stand at my local recycling depot at the tip.
I also used an Office chair took the seat off it and mounted the hive on it.
It also allows me to swivel the hive into the sun during winter, without actually having to disturb the hive by moving it.

The table stand is quite stable but the chair has to be placed on an even
surface because it does not have the very stable spread of the feet.

My bees seem to be very happy in in their hi-rise apartment which
is situated in my 20 tree orchard. When the fruit trees loosing their
leaves in winter it gives them some air conditioning, Cool in summer and
full sun in winter now what more could they ask for ?

Both hives are carrying a full supa of honey as I do not want to stress the bees,
food wise during winter, also there is a second supa which is partially full.
Come spring when the honey flow is on I am thinking of using a small supa for permenant food supply and then place the New Flow Hive supa on top.

I started bee keeping just to improve pollination in my orchard and
garden, the honey is a by product as far as I am concerned.

Although it be a nice by-product, in fact I am not a honey eater at all. My family and friends tell me its great honey, mainly being foraged from White and Yellow Box trees.

Kind regards to all on the Forum