Hello From Colorado!

We received our Flow hive last week, and will be installing our bee package this weekend. My name is Jennifer Tucker, and I am an Extension Agent for Colorado State University-Adams County, myself and my colleague, Dr Thaddeus Gourd (CSU Extension Director- Adams County) will be operating a Flow Hive, Langstroth and Top Bar hive side by side in the same location this year.

We hope to spread the knowledge of these hives amongst our community. It will be interesting to evaluate these 3 set ups as far as Cost, Time and honey output are concerned!


Sounds like the type of work needed in many places.

Please keep us posted.


Welcome!! Looking forward to your posts. Send lots of pics😄


Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for getting in touch.
We’d love to be informed how your project develops. Please keep in touch and and send through any photos or video to info@honeyflow.com if you can.
Happy bee keeping :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer…I’m a new beekeep here in Boulder, also due to install 2 packages on Saturday. Looks like we are in for some crazy weather!


Hi Jennifer,
I’m giving a presentation at the Colorado State Beekeepers meeting THIS Saturday 5 Nov. I would love to include any input you might have in the talk. I’ve been beekeeping 30+ years, I’m in Boulder, I have several Langstroth hives, one of which had the 4 Flow frames on it this summer, a TBH, and an observation hive. I manage a hundred or so other hives and mentor new beekeepers up and down the Front Range. Is there a way I could talk to you? Here’s my real email: kristinahoney at gmail dot com. If there’s anyone else out there in CO with a Flow, I’d love to hear from you too.
I’d also like to extend an invitation to all of you to come to the meeting! Info is at coloradobeekeepers.org. Lots of other good info there too.
I’m also president of the Mile Hive Bee Club, Denver. You’re welcome to come to that too! We meet monthly (except for December), 2nd Tuesdays at St John’s Cathedral, 13th and Washington, Denver. November is our potluck.
Kristina Williams
Boulder, CO

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