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Hello from SE Tennessee

I own a design-build company but have always wanted to become a beekeeper. Just recently I started a new hive and have been vlogging about it on my ArtisanTony YouTube channel. Nice to be here among like minded people. Thanks!


Welcome! I, too, am in SE Tennessee (Chattanooga) and I am anxiously awaiting arrival of my FlowHives. I am very much a NewBEE in every sense and have joined the local club to gain much needed insights.

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OH MY!!! I did not notice this post and I am sorry. Are you in TVBA? Did you join the mentoring program?

Hi there I am in Nashville and got my hive this spring. The bees crawl around on the flow frames but have never stored honey and capped them. They have made honey in the brood box and I am hoping they have enough to make it thru the winter along with me feeding them. But next spring how do I get them to cap the flow frames? Has anyone had this issue? Thanks