Hello from South Carolina

Hey everyone, we are excited to join the community and eager to learn. Our first hive arrived yesterday and we expect our bees in a few weeks. Looking for some tips on hive placement and setup. We live on 32 mostly hilly forested acres. There are some open and some tree covered areas and a small creek. Thanks for the help

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

There have been a number of discussions about this topic, if you search for “hive placement” you’ll find most of them.

The gist is:
South to east facing (for the northern hemisphere)
Front away from foot traffic
More sun generally better but some afternoon shade during hot periods may be helpful.

Sounds like you have nearby water already.

You’ll want it placed where you have easy access and some space to maneuver.

A firm base is good as a full hive is quite heavy and it may sink in otherwise. Many people use cinder blocks or pallets. I have mine on an AC pad.

Make sure you get a beginner book or two to help you gain a foundation and general overview of what’s to come.