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Help with hive placement


Hi. I have a new hive. Bees due to arrive next month. I am not sure where to place the hive. I have read that for southern hemisphere North/East facing is ideal, but also that the lights from the house at night can confuse bees and to place them away - is this true? It gets very hot here in summer and I am worried about shade. Should I put the hive under a deciduous tree for summer shade/winter warmth?? A lot of the pictures I saw had hives out in the open. Is that ok?? Thanks.


Hi Michelle, where I am I like to face them north into all day sunshine. The longer they are in the sun the more foraging they will do and the more honey you will get.


Welcome to the forum Michelle, there is lots of information for you to read and members to get advice from.
Ideally have the hive entrance facing N/E or 2nd choice to the North. Midday and afternoon shade to help the hive remain cool is good so that then leaves bees free from hive cooling duties to go and forage for pollen and nectar. The use of a deciduous tree sounds really good.
Also you should have a water drinking station near to the hive but not too deep, bees are very bad swimmers.


Thank you everyone. That helps. Have been trying to decide on this for weeks. Cheers.


Hi Michelle, I live in W.A. Perth to be exact, Initially I placed my hive in a patch of native vegetation with good shade. Sadly, my bees did not agree with that location and vacated the hive to settle on a retaining wall that received full afternoon sun from the West. I got the message. Moved the hive next to them, and they all got onboard quickly. I then placed the hive in a sheltered location with the exit facing South. This new location ensures they get full sun for most part of the day. However, during the hotter months, we can smell the honey under my patio and in the house, so I decided to place an old beach umbrella over the hive to shade it in the hottest part of the day.
This stopped the honey smell, so I guess it’s doing it’s job.


Hi there, under a tree is good. Don’t worry about the lights from the house too much. Just place a shield or shrubs a metre in front of the hive entrance and that will stop the bees seeing the lights. They will fly over any obstacles during the day. We just use a bit of black weed mat on star pickets.The odd visitor comes to us efery now and again and we just gather them with a soft duster and put back outside.
Good luck