Hello from West Footscray, Victoria

Hi Flow Forum, I’m new to this and excited to learn about this fascinating animal world. I started with a nucleus 7 weeks ago and I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at when I do my inspection, but I think its time to put my super on…? the frames are looking full and its getting squishy

. I’m also getting lots of burr comb on the underside of the lid and tops of frames, any tips would be great.


Definitely good to add your super. Your hives about to increase in numbers quickly looking at the few frames in your pics.

Healthy looking brood pattern :ok_hand:.

Each inspection just scrape off the excess comb ontop of the frames and inner cover using your hive tool. Take a bag or container. Don’t throw it around the hive it can attract robbers.

It’s an early indication they are running out of space.

Keep an eye out for swarm cells around the bottom of your brood frames.

Looks like you have a good laying queen though.

Hope you get some honey :honey_pot: soon.

Hey Thanks HappyHibee, That is great advice !
I am certainly concerned that I’m running out of space and think the super should’ve been in place 3 or 4 weeks ago when I first started smelling honey. Is that also an indicator of when to put the super on ?

I understand that if there is no room left for the queen to lay then the whole hive will buzz off looking for something better to move into ? I’m putting the super on tonight…hoping I haven’t left it too late :pensive:

I wouldn’t think the smell is an indicator of when to super looking inside and assessing space is best.

Yes thanks Dean, your quite right there !
I recall someone had said it was a good sign to super at the point but clearly not a good enough basis on its own.
Hey while I have your undivided attention…….
How do you perform inspections once the super is on.? I’m concerned that once I lift the super off and then remove the queen excluder doesn’t it open up the chance of the queen getting into the super and everything going pear shaped?

The most recent flow hive q&a video on thier youtube channel answers your question.

Remove the super (queen will be in brood box) then indpect your brood box as normal which rewuires you to remove the QE.

Not much chance of the queen getting into the suoer as youve removed it from the hive and set it aside.

The video shows this in great detail buddy.