Is it time for a super

Did an inspection today after the rain.
The brood box was busy. I’ll say that

The frames looked good. Not all filled

Went out this afternoon and found them bearding at the front.

It’s currently 26.9 c outside and 35.1 c inside.

Any thoughts?

Looks full to bursting, Daz! I can’t be 100% confident since I don’t know your seasonal flow but a colony like that in mid-spring in my apiary might get split, then supered in another week.

Thanks @Eva , that was a splitt from a coloney from @JeffH at the beginning of September.
My thoughts are to inspect next weekend and probibly put the super on then depending on how the girls are going.
The other hive that i moved only two weeks ago have drawn out a new frame i put in the centre of the brood and have larva so it mighten be long (another month or 2) before it gets a super.

We’re in a good necta flow here at the moment.

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Well i bit the bullet on Sunday (5 days ago) i added the super.
I’ve been checking the windows in the afternoon, along with the tray check.
Seems to be some interest in the flow frames.

My thoughts are to remove a flow frame at one of the sides and smere some bur comb on it as suggested by Cedar. See if this encourages them a bit.

I’m not in a hurry for honey, just excited and enthralled by having the bees and getting to this stage.

Next inspection is Wednesday next week. (10days from the last inspection)


Ok, the second hive was doing so well, I inspected yesterday and decided to give them a super.

Today, they are up in the flow super.


Not a very good welcoming sight this morning. :roll_eyes:
I think I know the problem.
Some to toads. Some to me spraying bleach on the toads.

Any thoughts

Hi Daz, is there some brood in the dead stuff? I always see discarded brood as a sign of beetle activity. How is your trays looking?

I grab the toads with a pickup stick, then into a bucket, before freezing them. Then I’ll use them as fertilizer later on, in conjunction with some dolomite or fine wood ash, to help break them down.

I think I’ll go toading on Monday evening, after a 33deg day.


Hi @JeffH there was some larvae in that photo.
Here is the trays I didn’t see any beetles on the inspection yesterday but know I have a few.

I change the oil on the weekend

As for the toads… a trip to Bunnings and a bit of workshop work and they shouldn’t be worrying the bees again

Hi Gaz, I like your cane toad barriers. You prompted me to go out on this cool night to take a look. I found 3. One was getting ready to go into my honey room where there’s a LOT of food by way of cockroaches. The other two were sitting under hives. They must only get the dead bees that get tossed out during the night, because the hives are up fairly high. I think they’d do much better in my honey room. I caught a toad in my live rat trap yesterday, which I have situated outside the honey room door. He went the wrong way & got trapped.

The cocky numbers are building up again. So it’s time for me to start catching them alive, so as to give the magpies live food. They love slumgum (material left after processing beeswax), which I place in saucepans, with the glass lids standing by. Then at about 8.30, I go out & put the lids on. Whatever gets caught becomes magpie food the next day. I keep doing this until the numbers get too low for it to be worth my trouble.