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HELLO THERE! New here!


Hey guys!! I just signed up!!
I am glad to have read good bee stuffs in here.
Hope to contribute and learn more in here! :slight_smile:


There is a broad spectrum of beekeepers here.
Newbees are the dominant force trying to cope with keeping bees for the first time with a smattering of professional bee keepers who really know what they are talking about and all others in between.

Important to remember:

  1. There are no dumb questions on this forum… all questions are important so just ask away.
  2. There are wrong ways in beekeeping but there are many many right ways. The wrong ways will be obvious once advised. But the right ways are a little more complicated. Get all the answers from this and other forums, books and mentors and decide for your self what is the way for you.
  3. Have fun. Beekeeping should not be an arduous experience but a happy one.
  4. Have a good sense of humour because there are a few rat bags on here. Not me I am the serious one :wink:


Rat bag reporting for duty @busso! :smile: Whose cage do you want me to rattle today? :blush:

Let me add my welcome, @AyAve. Thank you for completing your location in the profile - it is very helpful to know that you are in Denmark. We have some Danish beekeepers on here, and some Danish speakers too (not me), so you have some good company.