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Help! Beehive in Garden not developing


Hi! So you all are experts here, so about 3 weeks ago I discovered a beehive or honeycomb forming, I was a bit afraid but my husband said to not to bother it since bees are really precious so I left it alone but I’ve been checking here and there and there’s no change in the growth of their home, today I took pictures and it seems to be smaller even than before. Could you give me some tips to help these bees? They’re growing in one of our herb bushes, zaatar, it’s called. They also don’t seem very busy… and they have orange legs… as you can see I have no idea what I’m dong but I really wanna help these babes. Thank you!


What you have there is a paper wasp nest. They are definitely not honey bees, however just as important as honey bees. They are very useful in the garden. Not only do they help to pollinate flowers, they also collect grubs & caterpillars to feed to their larvae.


I am with Jeff They are definitely wasps. THey also do a great job as pollinators so they should be left to their job.


yup wasps- take care with them- usually they are harmless but if you accidentally bump their nest - they are VERY quick to sting and it hurts a LOT. like a red hot needle.

It’s normal for their colony to shrink coming into winter.