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HELP! Construction company trenching past hive


HELP. My hive is at the local school (we’re a small community) and the school needs to trench past the hive tomorrow. So a few days work. Then cover the trench. We’re talking going past the hive by less than a metre. Any ideas on what to do? Close them in with wire mesh? Move them?


How warm is it going to be where you are? Wire mesh or fly screen is a good idea and if you can move the hive then this is advisable too.


Warm. I can screen them them move them out to a property 30km away. Then leave them there for a week or so. How long do I have to leave them on the farm before I bring them back?

Thanks heaps! I’d hate to traumatize the girls to badly


It would only need to be a week and if you move to a new location its best done at night when they are all home.