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Lost bees from hive relocation


Long story short , my really unpleasant neighbour gave me a New Year demand to move my 2 hives elsewhere as he’d just been stung and was “highly allergic”. We moved them last night to our friends property. Was a nightmare job done in darkness and the bees were bearding. I smoked as many as I could inside and closed them up. Of course, this morning I have quite a few lost ladies flying around looking for home. Is there any way to help them?


Sorry to hear that Natalie, but you can place a Nuc at the original site with an old drawn frame or even a frame with foundation, they will move in overnight and you can take them to the new site.


Just did that. Thanks so much. Will be interesting to see if our crappy neighbours come back over to whinge there is still a hive there :laughing:
Thanks again for your advice!