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Help! Flow frames set right? And where did bees go

Once again I need your help. My flow frames have been installed for a month and i still see no evidence of comb. I attached pics so maybe someone can tell me if the frames look closed
Additionally, the high that seemed most active and largest number of bees is now a fraction of what it was. Previously, when I opened the observation window, the frame was literally covered with bees. Now it is sparse and Im not seeing as many bees on the landing deck
Ive been gone for about three days and we had some bad storms come through but I dont think that had any effect
Thanks for any ideas

They are definately working them. I can see nectar, propolis and wax :+1:.

We provide the house the bees will decide when to use it fully :wink:.

That is late in the season to install them. Most of the nectar flow is over by early July in the northern hemisphere. You may not see them being used much this year. Having said that, I agree with @HappyHibee, they are waxing the gaps between the cells.

They do.

I would suggest a brood inspection and a proper varroa mite count with a sugar roll or alcohol wash test. The most likely thing is that they swarmed - queen cells would confirm that. However, if you have a heavy varroa infestation, that might be knocking them down too.

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I think you have double posted with your issue with that hive Marc. From your other post with pics of the brood frames and the big number of queen cells the hive has swarmed so you have lost about 50% of the bees in the hive.
The bees have been waxing up the gaps in the Flow cells but doing that takes time as well as honey. Bees will consume 6kg of honey to produce 1kg of wax. As Dawn says it could be too late in the season to have added the Flow Super, when I added mine to very strong hives late Spring to early Summer to four hives it took about 8 weeks on average to see the first of the Flow Frames being capped. Very disappointing, but from then on a frame could be refilled and capped from 2 to 4 weeks. Remember in the life time of a bee she will only contribute about 1/12 of a teas spoon of honey to the colony. That’s not much considering,

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Hey Marc, I started to post about removing your Flow super and realized your OP was awhile ago - how’s your colony doing?