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Help me to store honey

How to keep honey without leaking from its jar?

Im using mason jar and hermatico jar
and ship them to various city
some of them are leaking from its jar because they cant hold the gas produced from our raw honey
is there any better jar option to keep honey from leaking?

Hi Ahmad, I have to ask as to why there is gas leaking from your honey? Is it fermenting? Have you checked its water content before shipping? Lots of jar options in the marketplace, good quality jar lids will have a slight rubber seal impregnated into the lid which seals up tight.


Sounds like you have harvested uncured honey with too much water and its fermenting. Don’t sell it, feed it back to the bees and only harvested capped honey.


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If there is gas in the jar you harvested honey that is fermenting. You harvested honey from frames that had not been capped by the bees, the cells were still open.
What you should do is NEVER harvest honey unless the frame is sealed. I would feed the fermenting honey back to the bees before even they don’t want it and I would not sell it as honey…


ah thankyou
i asked our farmer and found out that they harvested honey too early with much water
pardon me if i asked silly question since im new to those things
and lastly is it safe to consume fermented honey?

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Yes, unless Allah finds it unacceptable… :blush: Fermenting honey produces alcohol. Not very much to start, but the longer it ferments, the more alcohol is present. :hushed:

It is not a silly question if you don’t know the answer already. There is a lot to learn about bee keeping and some of that is about recognizing when other people are doing things wrong.
Fermented honey is still sweet but it has turned into alcohol and the longer it sits the stronger it gets, higher than beer and as strong as wines. Some people like the taste but others don’t. As I have already said, you should not sell it as honey or you will damage your reputation for good honey.