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Help! Queen but no larva and emergency cells


Our hive lost its queen about 3 1/2 months ago, they hatched out a new queen it took a little time but I started seeing larva and brood, we were letting them do their thing and today when I checked the Queen is still there alive and there is lots of honey but no brood or larva at all and I found 6 emergency queen cells. Do I leave the current queen? Is she just sterile or stopped laying? Not sure what to do its so late in the season.


Are they capped emergency cells? If so, I’d leave them if…you still see drones flying.


Yep…leave them and cross your fingers there are still drones about


They are capped, I have seen drones in the hive but I haven’t noticed them flying but I am not sure how you tell the difference from the worker and drone when they are flying…


Drones are LOUD :wink: