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HELP! Wasps infestation


We have a Flowhive that is establishing very well.
However we seems to have an infestation of wasps in a bush about 200 ft away from our hive.
How can we get rid of the wasps without hurting the bees.



I’m guessing those are “paper wasps”…the kind you’d see at the peak of a roof. If it were me (and I’ll probably get wrapped in the mouth for suggesting it), I’d wait until dusk and all the wasps are settled on their nest and hit them with wasp/hornet killer. Kills them very fast and you can accurately direct the stream 15’. And I flat out HATE paper wasps. Course, maybe someone else has a less toxic idea…just seems to me that far off unless there’s a bunch of flowers attracting them, the bees shouldn’t really be hurt by that.


Yep, I agree with @Brian_tx. I’d just put on my bee suit, take a can of decent fly spray down there in the evening/night, let them have it for about 20-30 seconds then make a run for it!

Make sure everyone else stays indoors, but if you hit them hard they will hardly be able to fly far. This is assuming that they are just paper wasps. I live in NZ and they are feral pests and we don’t have hornets and bigger more horrible wasp type critters. Can’t stand the way wasps are always robbing and killing my bees!!!

Good luck, Paul


I kill every wasp i encounter since i’ve started keeping bees.


That’s why I suggested hornet/wasp spray…designed for them…very strong and can drop them fast. They are not coming after you when that hits them. I’d be leery of a bee suit taking on wasps…I know for a fact they can sting easily and rapidly thru very thick wool clothing. My flannel shirt with t-shirt would be no help.


Not all wasps are predators of bees, make sure you properly identify them prior to using pesticide as they could be beneficial to your garden and others around you. Are you able to post a photo or two here, someone will be able to identify them and assist with advice. cheers


I have some that try to get into my nest (they really try to sneak in when I inspect), but so far the bees just “toss them out/off” but I’m going to try the Orange Soda with raw chicken trick to see if they drink it and the bees stay away.


Hi everyone!

I’ve had to spray n burn-out several medium paper nests thus far here in Western Washington for neighbors. My baited traps seem to be help limit wasp n yellow jack nests near my apriary so far. If there is no fire hazzard I use a gas torch or oil rag on long pole to burn out the nests.

. I use traps, spray n torches. Each are good ideas.

Hope this helps give everyone ideas,


I see wasp nests and hornet nests in various places on my farm. They’ve never bothered the bees. I leave them alone.
My theory is that I know where they are and they aren’t bothering anyone. If I eliminate them, something bigger and badder will take their place.