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Wasp infestation in Flow Hive

The bees recently swarmed and looks like wasps have moved into the hive while it was weak post swarming. I am not sure how to get rid of the wasps from the hive and how to protect the bees from future infestations. Any suggestions welcome.

are there any bees left? making smaller entrances could help with them not getting in i would imagine.

I assume you mean they’ve moved into the hive and not the flow frames. I also assume it’s a paper wasp…?

My suggestion… Suit up, open the hive, and destroy the nest. After that, strip the hive down and leave it properly stored until you’re ready to commence again.


Yes i think its paper wasp.
How do i destroy the nest ?

What I would do is vacuum the wasps up into a vacuum cleaner. Keep the vacuum cleaner going after you have vacuumed all the wasps, then spray insecticide into the vacuum cleaner hose while it is still running.


i would probably use a freeze spray. pretty sure its just c02 and that will get to them and wont leave anything behind that could harm the bees.i would double check that thats what its made of though.

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Crush it. That’s what I do when I get paper wasps building nests under the eaves.

All of the replies have merit in my opinion for what it is worth Emma. I would suit up and check and destroy if there actually is a nest there. Lots of folks don’t think of reducing the entrance after a swarming which leaves the hive vulnerable to attack so I would definitely reduce it so the remaining bees can defend easier.
You haven’t said either way so I will assume there is still the making of a colony there but check it still has a queen and if not buy one or add a frame of eggs if there isn’t one there already. If you decide to buy then select a breeder with a similar climate to Sydney.