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Help - what's happening?


Hi there
I installed my NUC about 3 days ago. All looked to me going well, until i went to inspect it ( just the outside) and noticed this happening near the front. A smaller bee was dragging this big bee around - is that the queen??


The big bee is a drone, nothing to worry about. It would help if you put your location in your info so we can give you better advice though.



I agree with Rob @Rmcpb on both counts. :blush:


I agree 100% with you answer Rob. Katie at Katoomba has bought a queen and done a split but is a bit stressed as to which split has the queen. Any chance you can help her with finding her queen and maybe marking it for her.


Thanks all - sorry about not posting location.
I am in Bathurst NSW.

So the drone is getting kicked out of home?


I agree 100% with Rob. But according to your profile you don’t have a hive :thinking:
Can you update your profile and let us know where you live with your town, state and country. It will help you in the future to get accurate advise from us as bee keeping is very much dictated by climate.


That is what is happening, if there is too many drones some will be just dumped outside and not allowed back into the hive, It is a female bees world. :smiley:
Do you get Cape Weed and Salvation Jane in the Bathurst area?