Hi close can I place hives

Hi :wave: how close can I place hives thank you I’ve bought a second hive just wondering as where the first flow hive is is perfect but to place the second hive they will be about six to ten inches apart

They can be directly next to each other - you might have some drift of bees from one hive to the other - which can be of some concern if the hives are unbalanced (in strength) or if there are disease concerns but otherwise the bees will figure it out.


Thank you for your advice

Put them as close as you want/need but ensure you have left enough space to work them easily. As far as the bees are concerned they can be side by side but you would not enjoy handling them in that setup.


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I have my hives pretty close, with no issues.
I even noticed on one warm evening they were bearding on the side edges & touching/linking up with each other… bees from different hives were seemingly chilling out with each other with no aggression whatsoever!

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