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Hive Number two

Hi, Putting together my second hive , ? how close can hives be to each other.

                           Thanks Mick.

Mine are all touching on two sides or more:

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I set my second one up right next to the first


I have my hives about 100mm apart, far enough that I can work on one hive without bumping the other and upsetting the second hive. But the gap can be wider if you want, the bees won’t care.
Cheers Mick

Nice looking hives there, Mr.@Ropate . Wouldn’t that be a bit of an issue to open the side windows, and have a peep inside between the hives?

May I also ask what is the tray with the “MANN LAKE” logo on it?

That is a slatted rack.


Thanks! I like em… :sunglasses: and they are just far enough apart to look into both of them.

As @fffffred says, those are slatted racks to allow a little more room for the ladies.

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