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Hi, I'm looking forward to receiving my Flow hive in February 2015


I’m very new to this Forum and to Beekeeping but I will be working closely with a beekeeper here in Dorset on the south coast of England with a brand new Flowhive next year. From my point of view, I felt the need to invest in Bees because there has been a serious decline in bee populations. We will look forward to seeing how this innovative system of Honey production compares with a more traditional hive.


Flow frames are a method of extraction not production


Yes extraction but welcome to the club! I will be getting my hive around the same time as you. I live in Alaska but will be moving back to Florida this coming yr. make sure you research as much as you can on everything. There is a lot of videos on YouTube I have watched, The Bee Vlog, The Fat Bee Man, and Apiary Tony are who I watch.


Hope you find these Hot Tailed Girls as fascinating as I do! Best Wishes!