Hello from London, England

I have just completed a basic beekeeping weekend course as I know nothing about beekeeping. However none of the trainers who are experienced beekeepers have any experience with the FlowHive. They are very skeptical about its success in the UK because we have the Varroa parasite plus the fact that the bees may not like the plastic material used. There was only one other person in the course who had purchased a FlowHive. Anyone comments would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mindy,

Do not sweat the small change ! The only difference between your setup n theirs is your top Flow-Hive super. Any of those skeptic are probably using plastic foundations or at least accept the fact it works.

I am returning to beekeeping n just got 3 awesome Nuc’s of bees. Each of my three hives are set up with different frames n/or foundations. My new “girls” seem to be “Happy Campers” in each of their new hives. My are standard 10 frame Langstroth hives … Your are standard 8 framer Langstroth hive. No big difference. Not sure you or I will be harvesting “Liquid Gold” this season anyway. We use double deep hive boxes to winter over so the girls will be more than busy like your skeptics doing the bee things. Just take advantage of their experience n skills, turn a death ear to their skeptic comments n just do your best. I’m getting at least one wider version Flow-Hive super this winter to try out next 2017 season. Yah ! I hear the skeptic crap too but it’s like water off a ducks back to me. I don’t give a HOoooot ! :smile:

Good luck n really get in there n enjoy !


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You don’t need experience of a flow hive to keep bees. The frames are just an alternative way of extracting the honey. You need to learn beekeeping from your association so don’t worry. Nobody knows if the system will work here in the uk. It was designed with warm OZ weather in mind and I’m sure its worldwide success took the inventors completely by surprise. Suck it and see it will have to be.

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Hi Mindy,

My wife and I also just completed the course this month.

The local association were supportive

We are getting our bees from the local breeder and he was not use to the foundation less frames so I got plastic foundation frames and the bees took to it very quickly.

I don’t think we will have any problem with the flow hive super as this is only an extraction method, one will still have to look after the bees and do the necessary inspection.

We get our bees in mid June. I shall let you know more when we have had more experience.

Hi Paras,

Thanks for your response. Do you live in London?

Morning Mindy,

Yes we live in Greater London.

If you need help and are close by we would more than happy to assist you.

I am in Streatham Hill. You? Don’t think I will be starting this year but it is good to know you have started.

We are in Chigwell.

I wanted to start this year, did alot of research and just completed a beginners beekeeping course.

We get our bees already in the hive in June.

Hi Mindy,

Have you made your mind up if you going to start beekeeping.

Would love to hear from you about your experiences in beekeeping

Hi Paras,
I bought the Flowhive out of impluse and it arrived in March this year. I went to the London Beekeeping Association’s beekeeping course in Clapham in April but noone there has any experience with the Flowhive. I thought I should join their mentorship for this year before getting into beekeeping. Unfortunately they allocated me a mentor in Canary Wharf which is just too far away. Eventually I managed to do a couple of sessions with a mentor close to me but then it was the end of the season. Maybe next year. I went to the London Honey Show at the Lancaster Gate Hotel and they actually keep bees at the hotel. I asked whether I could keep my hive with them and visit to help them manage the bees. We shall see. It is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. I really thought I could outsource the keeping of my bees. Wee shall see.
Are you into beekeeping yourself?

Best regards


Not many people anywhere have any experience of the Flow supers.
It’s good that you got some lessons under your belt as you still need to manage the bees.
Bees in the UK have to be managed a bit more enthusiastically than say in Australia where the Flow system originates. Here we have to pay much more attention to swarm control because if your colony swarms you largely lose your crop. In warmer countries where forage is more plentiful and lasts much longer swarmed colonies expand quickly, making up their numbers and you still get honey. That’s why, I think, so many people are more relaxed than we are about swarming.
You should stick with it…it’s a really fascinating hobby and you might end up really enjoying playing with the bees. I hope you haven’t been put off, having somebody work your bees with you just collecting the honey?..well you might as well just go buy it.

Hi Mindy,

Come visit my hive and see. I am happy to assist you to setting up and sharing my experience with you.

I started this year as a beekeeper and really enjoy it, I am waiting for next year to see the bees fill the FlowHive. This year I double brood them and they expanded well and had plenty of reserves for the winter.

I thought it would be lot more involved too at start but as I started I actually enjoy it and look forward in going and checking on the girls (bees).

@Paras @Mindy What was the delivery time on your flow hive order?

As I was part of the original crowd funding, so for me it was a long time.

They are much quicker now in delivery contact FlowHive and they will give you estimate time line.