Hive at risk of falling over?

Hello all, just wondering anyone would think this hive might topple. I just put the super on it. It has a hive strap going underneath looped through the cinderblocks. I can level it, it would just require for me to move the hive temporarily. It was a bit of a mental inspection, and I didn’t have energy after a long day!


Like the saying goes Tom - if you have to ask, then…! Yes, from this pic I’d say your hive is off kilter. It can be helpful to have a small (no more than 3 degree) tilt forward to keep rain from seeping in during wet seasons, and of course that’s the backward tilt we want for harvesting a Flow - but this looks to be pitched further forward as well as leaning to one side - definitely a problem.

Also, the tarp looks like it’s under the cinder blocks, which might not allow them to settle firmly and will cause water to collect around the base. Take a nice long nap and then redo it :wink:

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Hi Tom, your hive needs to be fairly level sideways. Bees don’t follow the frames when they are tilted sideways, they will always build comb vertically, which can cause problems for us if it’s allowed to continue for any length of time.

Will fix it next inspection, didn’t have time yesterday when I inspected and it requires more time. Thanks!

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