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Harvesting Angle

New guy here. I just got the flow hive 2, trying to get it all together before spring comes here in TN. Just have a lot of questions still. Been trying to do research but cant seem to find answers. My Question is do I leave the flow hive in the 3 degree angle all the time or only when harvesting? Is it really necessary to have it in this angle? Seems like it would be a pain to adjust the angle all the time. Sorry for the dumb question.

Leave it in the 3deg angle all the time.

Not a dumb question. We spend our life trying to make things level, typically.

And for bee husbandry, it’s better to ask if you’re unsure or can’t locate an answer yourself. Saves alot of heart ache, and issues for others if there are other hives nearby.


Thank you SnowflakeHoney. I rather be certain than just guesse. Can I ask multiple questions on this forum? Or do I need to create a new question post thing? Also, is there a way to find and talk to people who live near me in here? So that I can get more regional advise or tips from people who do this in my area?

You can ask more questions on the forum, but if the subject is different, it is better to start a new post/thread. You can search the forum for Tennessee, but I happen to know that @Martha is in your state (near Nashville). There are others too, but she is one of the most active that I have seen. :wink:

By the way, I agree with @SnowflakeHoney’s answer to your question. Leave it tilted all year round. The tilt is not enough to affect hive stability, especially if you use a strap or heavy brick/stone on the roof. The bees don’t care as long as there is no side-to-side tilt. :blush:

Thank you Dawn SD. I appreciate the input very much. I am excited for this journey. I guess I will try to make a new post for some of my other questions if I cant find the answer.

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You can do a search in the top right-hand corner of the forum to find people in your area, e.g.


It’s pretty handy because you can join existing topics where beekeepers discuss local beekeeping techniques in your area :slight_smile:


Hi @Xaver_Pinero If you set up the base with the 2 level bubbles in the centre the correct harvesting angle and side to side angle is set and you can leave the hive like this all year round. See attached video, and welcome to a great adventure.


Thank you! Much appreciated.

Thank you. I will check out the video.

I double that thought . That spirit level has to be zero crosswise else the bees will patch sideways and generally stuff up a nice bunch of frames.


And drives a mean Corvette,… I believe.


I leave mine tilted year around though since I winter on solid bottom boards I tilt it the opposite direction from the spring through fall positioning. It rains heavily here and water could run in the hive on a solid bottom board. :smiley:

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LOL yes the z06 is mean! :smiley: