Hive Beetle Help!

I have been battling with hive beetles for the last 2 weeks.

We had gone through a rainy spell so I didn’t check on my hive for almost two weeks (other than to check on the flow going in and out of the hive occasionally). When I finally went in I noticed that there seemed to be a steady population of the small hive beetles! I immediately went to go get beetle traps and oil, however, it is not helping.

Has anyone had any success dealing with these little pests in the past who can lend some pointers?

With winter coming I am very desperate as they are depleting my hives honey stores. It is also this hive’s first winter so it will be hard enough for them.

Any tips are very much appreciated!

Here are my bees trying to defend themselves at the top of the hive.

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As long as you aren’t seeing any larvae you don’t really have a problem.

Should I worry about them eating my hive’s honey stores? It is my hive’s first year, and they did not build up as much as previous hives.

Take off any hive bodies that are only partially filled with bees so the bees are crammed in there. I also use dry unscented swiffer pads placed across the top bars under the inner cover. The bees will naturally chase the beetles into the corners of the hive and up to the roof. So when you take off the roof get ready to start squishing.

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Thank you! I will go get some swifter pads today, and try this!

Try wintergreen grease patties. Wintergreen supposedly drives hive beetles out, which I don’t have. Knock on wood. I know this recipe kills varroa, because 2 days after I added a patty inside the entrance and a patty on the back rabbet of the top box I counted a 175-200 mite drop. I used a kitchenaid mixer and cut 3 inch x 11 inch parchment paper strips. YouTube videos helped.

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That’s interesting, @geegeesbees thanks for posting the recipe. Seeing a nice mite drop is always satisfying :skull_and_crossbones:️:clap:I’ve read one has to be cautious about too much scent inside the hive; any observations of effects on your bees?

I worried about the amount of wintergreen essential oil too. I omitted the corn oil because I didn’t have any. I also used extra fine grain Himalayan pink salt from At first, they kept their distance from the patties when the scent was really strong. But now, it doesn’t seem to bother them. If you put one at the entrance, make sure you give them space to go around it. I stopped counting mites after 700+.
Little Creek Bee Ranch recipe: