Hive Beetle traps

Hi, I’ve been using the hive beetle traps that you fill with oil and this seems to have kept their number at bay. Was wondering if beetle numbers reduce over winter (Melbourne) and the traps aren’t needed or should I continue to keep them in the hive during this time ?

Beetle activity does reduce over winter, however they will take advantage of any opportunity they come across, even during winter. Therefore it’s best to keep the traps in during winter, if that’s what’s working for you.

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I’ve read about traps but can’t seem to find other info one them. Where do you place the traps and where do you get them?

I’m using the plastic ones with two outer compartments that you fill with oil. The beetles enter in the top slots and drown. There is a smaller middle compartment I put Vegemite in that attracts the buggers. The traps have hooks that hold them in place between frames. They have been working really well. Bought mine at Bec’s (outer Melbourne)