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Hive inspection progress


Hi folks, the activity inside the honey super seems very slow. At times there seems like there are several bees on the honey super and at other times not so much. They are welding shut the breaks in the comb. It was a thin white line at first and is now quite yellowish. So I was curious, imagine that, because I can smell honey very strongly I did an inspection and here is what I found. All of the babies / larvae that I saw last time I inspected have hatched. Every frame in both boxes were completely covered in bees. There were a lot of frames of capped honey. The boxes were so heavy it was like lifting a box of lead. My question is this. Will more and more bees head up into the honey super as there is no more room for honey down below??? There are so many bees in these two boxes, it’s incredible.


Hi Chris, to answer your question: yes. This is providing they don’t swarm & the conditions a favorable for bees to keep building their population.