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Hive Inspection with Question

Hey y’all. I got a chance to open up the hive today and complete an inspection. It was awesome! We got to see EPI-PENNY and she looked happy walking around the frames. I am attaching pictures for feedback as well. So when y’all say 80% full before the next box, is that comb or actual capped comb? The box is full of comb but one side of a frame currently. Thanks for all the great help and feedback!

<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/honeyflow/original/2X/d/d4561d3cfb137c6077f28efe58e22cc5748090a9.jpg"

Most frames have fully drawn comb on BOTH sides = each cell is deep enough to hold a bee larva or a full cell of honey, and
Of the fully drawn cells, each is filled with brood, honey or pollen. Capping is irrelevant, and
Every frame is completely covered with bees (before you shake them off)

The photos you show look good, but they look like the frames were from the middle of the hive. Those will usually be worked first. If the edge frames look like that too, you should be ready for another box, but to me, it still looks a little early.


Thanks Dawn! Always great and appreciated feedback. Here is a picture of the end frame in the box. I am hoping maybe mid next week for the box potentially, we have 10 since EPI-PENNY has been free now with 3 days they could not leave the hive because of the horrible downpours. But, we will check then. It is alot of fun watching them and having my kids learn about them.

The timing doesn’t have to be exact. I would say that 8 or 9 days from today, you would still be fine. But they look like they are doing a great job. Congratulations! :smile:

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The small combs built off the bottom of the frames, I am guessing due to excess clearance. Is it ok to leave them on? Should I remove them?

It is OK to leave them. They will probably rebuild them if you take them away. I remove them if I want the wax.

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Hey Sarg,

Lookin great bro ! I’m impressed with their progress … Is this your first week or secind week inspection. My first inspection will be tomorrow. I wait two weeks as my Nuc’s were a little mature (small). Waiting should give me (with crappy eyes). Hoping my eyes stay sharp enough to find her magesties (at least one out of four would be great)… I do look for little white larva/grubs so that helps.

Yah ! I go by total bee coverage n drawn comb … So if mid frames all ( 5 to 6 frames all drawn out n in use ) with other two with pretty drawn out n some storage ( usually nectar n pollin) I love to see lots of middle full frames with capped brood n larva ! If I
Have 7 out of 8 mostly in use n covered in bees n #8 getting worked on with some type of flow … I ADD. Dawn will add a box under n I will add a box over. We both have our own game plan. Dawns does have good merit ! So far I’m too much of a traditionalist to try it or change !

Well, I’ve got a couple hours here before mid-day n warmer temps. Id like to have near 55 dgs if possible. Our Spring has been rather cool n record WET !

Checking the bees n hens … Another day in Coalfield. Have a great weekend Sarg !


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