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Hive not moving into super


Hi all

Seeking some advice on a hive that is not moving into the super.
Brood box is full and everything appears to be okay, however the hive has not moved into the super which has been on the hive for six months.
The super is 10 frame, plastic frames with real foundation. We have a queen excluder between the brood and super.
Hive entrance faces north.

Our other hive which we started at the same time as this hive is now onto its second super (flow hive) and it doing really well. We have even managed to create another nuc from this hive.

Any ideas what could be wrong with our hive?

Thank you



You’ll need to do a brood inspection & maybe post some photos on here if you see anything you are not sure of. A brood inspection is the first thing that I do if I suspect that something is not right with a colony. It could reveal a number of things such as: the colony could have swarmed, the queen could have failed, or is failing. There could be the presence of a disease. They are the main possibilities.

Also another possibility could be that the colony got off to a slow start & there’s probably nothing wrong at all.


Hi Jeff

Thank you for the response.

On last check which was early this year it looked okay (from a beginners eye).

We will do an inspection of the brood when the weather improves (hopefully next weekend). I’ll be sure to take some photos.



Hi Sam, yeah that’ll be good, a lot can happen in that length of time.


Get rid of the excluder until they start drawing wax in the super; re-install but make sure the queen is below. If any brood was laid up there, it’ll hatch and the cells will be backfilled with honey.


Hi everyone,

Finally had some good weather to open the hive!! Everything looked okay in the broad box and they had started building comb in the super.
We have also removed the queen excluder because not too many bees were in the super when we first opened the hive.

Hopefully the hive gets stronger this summer :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the suggestions!



Have a look at some of the tips on this thread: