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Hive swarm reinstalled


Let me set this up…I am a new beekeeper. Last year my 1 Nuc prepared to swarm…I did a split. The main hive swarmed but the queen failed and after 6 hours the workers returned to main hive…this year, my hive 2 swarmed yeasterday and I caught it…placed it in a new box with wax frames syrup and pollen. Sealed it with mesh to restrain but ventulate. Due to my area I suspect the same thing.hive 2 to swarm again when new queen emerges… my plan is to restore the original Queen with all the workers that left with her if this occurs again like last year. My goal is to have two strong hives. I am a hobbyist and that is as much as I want… I am considering what my options are at this point and I’m wondering if I should wait for the new Queen to emerge and fly and see what happens or should I go in and destroy the queen cells and then reinstall the original excellent Queen…I read this can be done by placing a sheet of newspaper between the boxes so the base will cheats with the newspaper and become adapted to the new Queen pheromone. I have a second question but I’m going to put it in another post.


I would treat your swarm like any other new colony.
In the parent hive I would have a look in. There will be sealed swarm cells and unsealed ones. I would find a nice unsealed queen cell with lots of royal jelly in it and a nice fat larva floating in it and mark the frame on the top bar so you can locate it later. Then I would go and remove EVERY other queen cell. The colony will not produce any afterswarms because you have left them only one queen cell. (you need to go back in four or five days to similarly deal with any more queen cells the colony might make after you have removed all but one. Close up and check in three weeks.
Once you have your new queen laying you can choose which is the better, dispatch the other and unite the colonies back together again