Hive Swarmed 5 days.. What to do now?

Im new to beekeeping. I purchased my first neuc on 5th Nov. Added the healthy colony to a Flow hive. Did a hive inspection 5 weeks later … abundent pollen, brood, honey and bees. We saw NO swarm cells. Added the super that day12th Dec.
The bees entered the super within days and all the windows were full with what looked like busy bees.
2.5 weeks later (last Tuesday) I witnessed them swarm. My first opportunitiy to inspect the hive was today.
There is probably 2/3rd of the bee population to when we did the inpection in December. there are 2 x swarm Queen cells, again honey, brood including Drone cells. I couldnt find the new Queen.
I’m not sure what I should do now? Let them go and check in a couple of weeks? Destroy the swarm cells? Remove some frames?
Grateful for any advice. :slight_smile:

@Tess2528 If it helps, a similar thing also happened to me, but I was lucky enough to catch the swarm. The existing queen will most likely have left with the swarm & if the two queen cells you have are intact, they will be how you get a new queen for those left behind.
You need to check each frame carefully, moving bees out the way, as they have a good habit of hiding queen cells. If you find a cell, check that it is sealed at the bottom (often it looks sealed, but after hatching it can spring back like a trapdoor and appear complete and occupied). Once you have checked all the frames, select the best looking queen cells and leave two of the best looking ones. The reason you leave two, is so the bees have a queen and a back up, if you leave lots of them you may get swarm after swarm until you have a very small colony left.
Once the queen hatches….and that may happen later today, or in a few days, it will take her possibly two weeks to harden up and then she will embark on her maiden flight and hopefully get mated well and then return and begin laying, you will then be looking for single eggs laid in the bottom of the cells, nicely grouped and happy days.
I’m only a beginner beekeeper myself, but can honestly say that’s what I did :wink:
Is there another beekeeper near you if you need help ?

Thanks so much for your advice. Happy New Year .

I would suggest having a read of this:

It is quite a long document, but it is very informative and gives excellent advice on what to do and why. Hopefully you can avoid cast swarms, which really deplete the hive population. :blush:

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Thanks Dawn
Happy New Year and thanks for your time.

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@Tess2528 Happy New Year to you too, the link @Dawn_SD has provided is brilliant, hope all goes well :hugs:

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