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Hole in the top board



There is a hole in the top board to allow for adding a jar for honeycomb (or something like that). I am wondering, if I am not planning on putting in a jar, should I cover that hole with something? if I don’t, is there any risk of the bees icing the space in the roof cavity to store honey?




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And 50mm of PIR insulation


@Psychochook Simon anything that will cover the hole over - just to stop the bees getting into the roof space.

I think the hole is too big for a “bee escape” - you could tape a jar lid over it


The hole was designed for a Porter bee escape, not a jar to get honey in it. I wish they would put a round hole the size of a canning jar so it would work well for a feeder, but they don’t. If you want to get the bees to put honey in jars, I would make a board with jars as tight as you can get them together and lay a bead of wax on the glass so the bees don’t have trouble attaching the comb. A Van Deusen wax-tube fastener is a great tool for that job.