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Honey comparison

Hello! My honey from July/August is on the left. The honey I got yesterday is on the right. I understand that different time of year = different plants therefore different honey, but it looks a bit cloudy to me. I just thought I’d post a photo up here to see what anyone else thinks? It tastes good and I put a bit on my finger and let the bees try a bit (I don’t know why I always do that but I do!) What does everyone think? Are there any other checks or tests I can do?

Hi Rosie. To my mind, cloudy honey means that it wont take long before it starts to crystallize. It’s nothing to worry about.

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Mine is like that at different times of year too. I think it is probably pollen in the honey. Some times of year there is more pollen around than others. As @JeffH says, cloudier honey can sometimes crystallize faster, as the pollen acts as a “nucleation agent”, forming little starting points for sugar crystals to grow on. That doesn’t make it bad though. In fact my hubby prefers crystallized honey. :blush:


HI Rosie we are in Brisbane also. We get different textures and colours from each frame. Nothing to worry about. Just do an inspection a week or two before you harvest to get the exact status of each frames fullness.
I checked ours today and even though we took honey off 6 weeks ago from 2 frames all bar 1 are 100% capped.
Good Luck.


It looks potentially like the jar rather than the honey to me :slight_smile: especially since the one on the left looks a little cloudy above the honey line… could it just be steam or finger marks? Otherwise, refer above comments re: honey cloudiness…