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My Honey labels


With a big crop coming from my 3 hives have made some labels in anticipation

The watermark won’t be included

Fun honey label ideas (for gifts, not for sale)

I think you mean “purity”?

Also I am not sure that the statement about purity is strictly correct. Crystallization depends on the ratio of fructose to glucose in the honey. Higher glucose honeys will crystallize faster, and the crystals you can see in the honey are often mostly glucose, partly suspended in a fructose syrup. The glucose/fructose ratio is determined by the type of nectar the bees forage, not by the purity of the honey.

Did you contact Flow’s legal department for permission to mention the system on your label? I know there was some discussion on the Forum about that earlier this year, but I don’t remember the outcome.

Nice label design, by the way! :blush:


Nice label
I think it depends on what the honey regulations are.
People put some stuff on their labels.
Pure Raw Honey is all the rage here…whatever that means?
I’m jolly glad we don’t have to put all that nutritional stuff on. It would cost a fortune to test the honey every year!
I find a pretty picture usually sells the honey


Here’s one of mine

I have a circular similar label for the top of the jar, without words.
Add some artistic co-ordinating rafia ties and off we go


Am OK to use the Flowhive® as am using it to state thats how the honey is harvested and not calling the Honey something like ‘Flow Honey’ or ‘Flowhive Honey’.

I too really abhor the information, but Australians love their rules and regulations. Here nothing can get sold without it. We also are not allowed to use 2nd jars or containers, only new. That includes womens clubs selling jams. Sad but true. I have a few local shops I plan on selling through so have to go that way. Its really all about perception and the display.

Many thanks for the input, especially the spelling mistake.


Great Job,The label sends a good message.


As I was fixing the poor spelling of ‘purity’ also fixed the spelling of ‘microwave’

Thanks for pointing that out.
The more eyes the better


Very nice label :slight_smile:

As from 1 July in Australia there are new laws regarding a country of origin label that needs to be included on the jar … see …

And I have been told that I need to include a batch number on the label that can be backtracked to a jar of honey from that batch that has been marked and stored. I haven’t looked this up as yet.


That’s classic!

Like an aircraft component for traceability .
Its never going to stop.


I have all my legal stuff on a separate label on the back, just a plain address label.


I may bee wrong but I think that you need to include your address and the weight of product on the label ??


We do in the UK. The honey has to be traceable unless you are selling at the door, then obviously the buyer knows where it came from. Weight has to be metric and the word Honey has to be there somewhere. There are regulations for minimum size of lettering too