Honey Flooding during extraction

During extraction I am having a problem with honey flooding from the bottom of the frame (see pictures). I have read the forum and have not found an answer to this problem. I extract one frame at a time. I removed the flowhive box during the extraction process for demonstration purposes at a harvest party. I have lost a fair amount of honey which the bees are recovering. What is the solution to this problem. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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There is always some spillage, but bees are very adept at cleaning up spillage as long as it is not an overwhelming amount. When you pull it off the hive, there are no bees to clean it up.

This was talked about quite alot lately. It’s recommended to open the frames sectionwise rather than all at once. Thus the honey can flow out without building up back pressure, which would otherwise promote leaking.

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@AngoraAngy is absolutely correct. Only open portions of each frame at a time and let it flow out before you open up more. I have seen multiple posts regarding this plus youtube videos of Flow hive owners having the same issue.

@Faroe Since this subject has been on the forum quite frequently as of late it may be a good idea for a how to video on the website


Quite a few people have mentioned it and there are several possible causes. First of all, have you read the Honeyflow harvest checklist? http://www.honeyflow.com/resources/harvesting-checklist/p/197

It was also discussed extensively on this thread:

Perhaps you will see something helpful there. :wink:


As everyone else has said, and read Stu’s post here - Has this happened to anyone else?

I think a lot of have had this issue to some extent. Trick is to nsert key 25% into flow,turn,drain,and then move key in another 25% and repeat. It takes a bit longer to harvest but you get the goodies, bees do not drown, and the ants stay away

This happened today as 3 frames were being harvested(not mine),It was leaking from inside and coming out the bottom.
The honey was thin and the hive is a coastal location.
At least the bee’s will clean it up.

Do you know why this may have happened? I get a fair amount coming out of bottom when harvesting. I will try the above you suggested