Honey from Canola

Just wondering if anyone has any problems with their honey after the bees have harvested pollen from Canola?
My local beekeeper has noticed that the honey from bees collecting from Canola starts to get candied very quickly and is a problem to harvest.
Anyone else had any problems?

As long as you harvest the honey within a couple of weeks, it shouldn’t candy in the comb. I have left my Flow frames in the hive over winter after an autumn nectar flow on mellaleuca, the honey is candying in the frames however I have noticed that bees are cleaning it up, food over the winter.

Thanks for that, I suppose the best thing to do is check more regularly if this is the case. Isabelle

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When they cap it, just harvest Canola honey.


Thanks very much for your reply. I will definitely do what you suggest. Isabelle

Thanks Rob - I will try that

Has anyone actually harvested honey from their Flow Hive in a Canola area, I am very tempted to put my Flow frames on when the Canola flowers and see how it goes, I can check them daily.

@BruceLonsdale You might want to also consider posting your question on the WA group - Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

I know a few people at WAAS live near canola growing areas because they’ve commented that the bees act like they’re on speed for a few weeks… not sure if they are using flow frames or traditional frames though.

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