What about crystallised honey?

Am eagerly waiting for my 3 flow hives to arrive and have just got my brood boxes set and bees are in them.
The beekeeper asked me a basic question which I couldn’t answer.

Because some of the honey crystallises within a few days (canola) how will i get the honey out if it doesn’t flow freely.
He also asked what happens to the dead bees?

Hey, I’m just a learner and trying to understand it all a bit more.

When the units arrive will set them up in my super, remove the top from my brood boxes, and place them on top. Hopefully they’ll move in

My advice for canola is to hold off placing your Flow Super on the hive, just use a standard super in the meantime and then over or under-super with the Flow Super at the end of the flowering. Generally this is not long, a few weeks.


Yes Canola Oil is what we call OSR - Oil Seed Rape. The other ones to watch are Ivy, and Ling(heather) I Believe?#


Do you mean taking the flow frame out of the super, warming it in a honey warmer then extracting?

The bees don’t cap cells with dead bees in them, they drag dead bees out.

The flows are designed to crack the cells internally so you won’t get bits and pieces of crushed bees when you extract.

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