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Honey is congealed, not crystallized or hard


Our honey this year is not a honey texture. When we put it in our tea it congeals together and sits in the bottom of the cup. You cannot stir it to mix, it stays together in a thick mass. (this is gross, but like mucus, sorry) To look at the honey in the jar it looks perfect, it also tastes perfect…but something is not right??


What was flowering in your area Kelly? This will be the key as to why your honey is the way it is.



She lives in Eastern Canada per her profile but not a clue what flowers :hibiscus: would do that …



The flowers are goldenrod and a few asters. We are located just east or Toronto Ontario Canada. Our honey last season was perfect!


A lot of things vary with honey. Nectar source, of course as well as moisture content and depending on the temperature at which it is kept, it can crystallize very quickly. Some nectar sources are very thixotropic and they gel until stirred well. Yours sounds like it gelled.



Hi Michael,

Thank you for the response.

Even in hot water you cannot stir the honey back to normal consistency. I have searched online and I cannot find any posts describing anything like my honey. Honey is a gelatin consistency.


That is what thixotropic honey is. Gelatin in consistency i don’t have a cure other than stirring the honey before adding MIGHT help somewhat. Heather honey is notorious for this…


Thankz ! Learned more today ! :+1:



I had some honey like this last season in one of my hives, back in April…

the bees had 2 brood boxes as I didn’t have a queen excluder in it… then when winter was approaching they packed themselves down to the bottom box and backfill Box 2 brood box with honey …

People loved it, I sold it as “Box 2” - “Have you got any more of that Box 2” they would ask

I used it in my morning porridge and it was great… put it in while cooking the porridge…

I offered one of my clients either fresh spring honey or the older Box 2 honey (last one) … she took the “Box 2” honey…


Thank you for the response. We too are using the honey and it tastes delicious and excellent to bake with. Its just the when drinking in tea it is a jelly clump in the bottom of the cup, not so nice.