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Honeycomb fresh from the hive

That’s fascinating and I’ll be sure to try it when I come across a patch of drone brood!
(By the way, if you want to know the Japanese pronunciation press the “listen” button under the first box:
https://translate.google.com.au/?sl=ja&tl=en&text=蜂の子&op=translate )

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Well done Josh, I’m sure you’ll love it. When you think about it, bee larvae is fed a diet of royal jelly for 3 days followed by pollen & honey, in a pristine environment, it has to be good.

I forget where I saw it, tv or internet. I recently watched a show where a bloke was visiting a huge factory/farm in China where they use tons of food waste to feed to cockroaches. The roach poo is then used as fertilizer on their farm. Anyway they (all the company executives) gave the bloke a taste of the food grown with roach poo, which I’m sure tasted alright. Then they dished up some fried roaches, which the bloke reluctantly tried, after one of the executives ate some. He said they were crunchy, however a horrible taste kept on repeating on him hours later. Definitely not something I want to try.

I’ll post the update in a new thread…