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Beeswax from flow


I’m new to this so don’t make fun of me (just kidding have at!). Will you still get beeswax from a flow hive?



Only if you take it from the brood nest I suppose. I like changing out my honey combs every 2 years for fresh wax and to give all the wax builders something to do. I’ve read that when the wax builders don’t have anywhere to build, swarm prep gets going.


Not really from the Flow Frames but there will be bits of chewed wax on the bottom board when the bees re-open the capping’s to replenish the honey.

If you want wax you will have to recycle out the old frames


Thanks all! I appreciate the input!


Depending on your nectar flow and your bees, you may find it helpful to put a super ON TOP of the Flow super, to encourage evaporation, ripening and capping of the honey in the Flow frames. If you use normal frames for that super, there is no reason why you couldn’t harvest wax from the upper super in a good year. :sunglasses:



Totally agree on that one. Bees do need space to ripen their honey. If there is a really good flow on they will be filling the cells with nectar faster than they can evaporate it into honey so they will start backfilling the brood nest, the queen will run out of space to lay, they will build swarm cells and be off. Also you will need a super of honey for winter stores and you shouldn’t leave the Flow frames on.
As redhotchilli says…you will need to change your combs fairly regularly. My honey frames are still good after six years, clean and with nice pale wax combs but brood combs get turfed out every two years. You will get a little wax from those.
Also if you decide to try cut comb you will have pieces you can’t use and the bits that are crushed and strained will give you nice wax. The best wax comes from cappings.


Most of these hives issued multiple swarms this year. The honey flow was so strong I couldn’t supply them with boxes fast enough. This Spring I’ll be better prepared with 5-7 supers each! :grin:


Wow…I’m green with envy


Hi there,

In one of the videos Cedar shows that in the full Flow Hive there are a number of holes in the top of the super (underneath the roof) where you can place upturned Mason jars for the bees to build honeycomb in. When full you simply cut them off and either take the wax out or add more honey to the jar to give a nice presentation of honey and comb.

It would look like this:


Very nice there are some good videos on YouTube showing how to do this


Shown at 2:10 in the following video:



You can use a combination of flow frames and regular frames in the top super box. That way you can also have wax if you want.


Yes, I’ve seen those.
I prefer to place a piece of cut comb in a jar and fill it with honey. We call that chunk honey here. I think it looks much nicer than that third picture, and you can get all the comb out to eat.