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Hot pink cresent

Hi, I check my brood box today and found a very healthy colony. I do had a question for my fellow beekeepers. I found hot pink cresents in the cells. I would like to attach a picture to show you but haven’t figured out how to do that. Hopefully I have given enough info to suffice. Many thanks Sue.

I managed to get a pic uploaded. :grinning:

Do you mean crescent shaped? I can’t make sense of what you are asking otherwise.
Pollen comes in all sorts of colours and the bees stuff it into the cells, often different pollen colours into each.

Hey @Sue57 - I think @Webclan is right about it being pollen. Take a look at the amazing array of colors pollen can be:

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There can be only one explanation;
There’s a disco going on in there. Check for big collars and flares.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my husband thought the same thing. :wink:


Thanks Eva, being new to beekeeping I am walking through the haze in wonder. :wink::grinning:


Hi Sue,

I cannot see hot pink anywhere in your photo. Can you circle the area you are asking about?

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I am worried by what I see in the cell immediately above the bees abdomen and the same 2 cells up and on the right. It seems lie the cells walls have been puncture by whatever is in them.
The crescent shape will be pollen and good to see.
Cheers Sue