How Active are hives in the general area

Hello, I am thinking on getting a FLOW HIVE 2 but I’m not sure how active the general area will be with a fully active hive. Can someone let me know if a hive will be a swarmed area. I am generally inquiring about kids, dogs and neighbours…

Hi Sean1, You should join the Urban Toronto Beekeeper facebook group and find out from others near you how much distance they recommend / what the bylaws are for the city. I’m near Windsor and there are rules about how many meters from the property line you have to be (its more than you expect). I would highly recommend finding out from your neighbors if they have allergies before you put one on your property because if you don’t and someone gets stung and has a problem you will likely get blamed and have some legal nightmare to contend with to defend yourself. That all being said, beekeeping is fun and I highly recommend it. You might find someone that has property with more space if your own is not big enough to put a hive on and they will let you use their land.

This is a good read to understand some of the basics of an urban hive. Residential Beekeeping - Best-practice guidelines for nuisance-free beekeeping in Oregon. The climate, I think, is warmer than yours but a good read anyway. Hopefully it will help a little.