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How do I know the time do my harvest?


How many months will a hive stay before you do harvest?


Bees make Honey out of nectar so you need bees, lots of them, and you need a nectar source.
So you need a strong colony and good weather and flowers.

Now, think about it.
What do you think?


I thought that is after the bees sucks necter of the flowering plant during raining season, then Immediately or during third to fourth months then you can do you harvest.


You can harvest when the bees have capped the surplus. There is no time or date to this. The bees often make honey then eat it. You just have to look. Nobody can tell you a time, only you can. Every colony and every season is different


OK, I will check mine, during Holiday.


You should be inspecting the super and brood box every 2 weeks in the warmer months, less often in colder months.
During inspections, you should be looking for >80% capped honey on frames in the Super and for queen cells, chalk brood, SHB, AFB and any other issues that occur in your area.