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Time frame for honey production


How long does it take to get actual honey from the hive? I have heard it takes years.


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Dextershed is right on target. The beekeeper association I am in recommends new beekeepers to observe their hives for a year before harvesting honey. It is for 2 reasons:

  1. You learn the life cycles of the bees, their changing temperments, and possible pest/health issues.
  2. and to observe how much honey they need to survive winter in your area.

I find it so sad when 1st year beekeepers announce they bottled 30 jars of honey and then are upset their bees starved to death in the winter.


You can get honey from a hive in a matter of just a couple of months once you get a colony up to full strength. I’d classify full strength at 2 full depth 10 frame supers full of bees. If you get a good size swarm at the start of spring, it wont take long for that colony to fill one box & want to move into the second box. At that point add a queen excluder, a second super full of drawn comb or fresh foundation, within 2 or 3 months, if there’s a honey flow, you’ll get a full box of beautiful raw honey. If all the frames are chock-a-block & fully capped, you should extract around 25 well earned kilos.


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