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How does the environment depends the quality of honey and health


Hello, all!
I am a beekeeper from the village, and I found an article which says that a honey from urban, and the polluted environment has lower quality.

Is it true?
If so, I guess it is connected with bees health. How do beekeepers from urban environment deal with it?


Your source article doesn’t say that at all.
It simply states that somebody who is setting up a commercial activity was worried that their honey might be unsafe so went about getting it analysed for various nasties which amazingly revealed that their honey was great to eat.
A bit of an advert, I suspect?


whilst one would assume that urban bees are exposed to more pollution- perhaps it’s not true in some ways- rural bees are potentially exposed to more pesticides. The best purest honey of all must come from national parks and wilderness areas I guess? The furthest from man and his poisons.


Wild honey from wild bees
The sort the Nepalese gather


but just not that hallucinogenic poisonous one :relaxed: