Are there places not suitable for beekeeping?


Is there ever a certain location we should steer away from placing hives? Locations that would pose a threat to bees or cause their honey to contain traces of substances not suitable for consumption?

I currently have two hives in north Brooklyn. They are in close proximity to a waste water treatment facility, a highly polluted estuary from years of industrial waste and oil spills, and two large cemeteries.

From what I know about the estuary, the oil pollution has sunk to the bottom of the water and tests have shown no harmful vapors in the air.

I didn’t think that this would be an issue, my bees seem to be doing great. But I thought I would ask anyone more experienced if they heard of certain contaminants finding its way into the honey. I assumed cemeteries are fine, but another beekeeper I know said they would be hesitant about placing their bees near them. Looking into it more, I realize they heavily rely on their own Integrated Pest Management and cemeteries will treat with chemical pesticides if need be.

At the end of the day, I know we can’t control and know where every bee will go. Interested to hear if others have any input or information.