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How long before the bees move in?


I know I just installed the flow hives but how long before I can expect the bees to start movie into their new premises.
After a single day have witnessed a few daredevils looking around.


@onrbikes Have caught a swarm or did you buy Bees??

I know this sounds daft but Bees just don’t “appear” to your hive and take it over.

You will have to buy a “Box of Bees”, A Nuc of Bees or have caught a swarm.

Even though you are in Perth it is a little late in the year for the Bees to swarm - there may be one or 2 but don’t count on it.

Your probably looking to buy a Nuc of Bees with a Laying Queen and several frames of Brood and Honey. Usually Nucs (Nucleus Box) are 3-5 Frames and with a mated Queen that is laying, has brood at all stages and Nurse, Worker and Drone Bees.

If you get a Nuc now there is only a month or so to build up the Nuc before winter and then the bees needs sufficient store to take them through.

All this takes planning and though, an understanding of the Bee life cycle and what store - Nectar and Pollen - are required to take the bees through winter.

With a nuc late in the year there will probably be not Honey to take as the bees will needs this as stores.

There is a lot to learn which is why we suggest that you join a local Bee group and learn as much as possible.


This is from September
I think he has his bees


What is the state of the bees in the brood boxes?
What I’m asking is how full of bees are they? How many frames of brood are there?
You should be putting your honey frames on when the brood boxes are bursting with bees and all but two frames full of brood.
If you have al that and there are flowers for the bees to gather nectar from and the weather is warm then put them on and the bees should be straight up


I set the nucs up a few months back and 2 of the 3 are doing very well. I got a local beekeeper to set them up for me but he did warn me they were older queens. The third is a bit slower.

On hot days they’re hanging outside the the hive in a ball.
I just checked the supers out and after 2 days one of the hives have taken up new residence.
My local beekeeper is making a visit to have a look at the set-up as he is a bit sceptical.

He thinks they just may need a bit of coaxing.

Regardless, I’ll be looking at introducing new queens in September.