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How long before visits


There is the possibility that I may have to move my 2 hives. I have a neighbor on one side and live on a corner house in town, but the neighbor has a swimming pool (bee’s and water). They are now about 1 month in the box. My in-laws live on acreage but are an hours drive away so weekly visits may be difficult but doable. They have water and good forage. In general, how long do you recommend hive inspection and does that change with the season. Hoping they can stay with me though- Dusty


Hi Dusty, sorry to hear that you may have to move your hives. During the nectar flow season (about March to July for you), you will need to inspect about once per week to effectively prevent swarming etc. In late summer, once every two weeks, remembering to monitor for varroa and treat by August if needed. Over fall and winter, once per month may be enough, watching food stores and pests.


I have my own swimming pool approx. 25 metres from my hives. Admittedly the hives face away from pool, but I have a bird bath between pool and hives, In 9 months I have not noticed a significant number of bees in the pool ( less than 5 when I empty skimmer or remove leaves etc. I do notice that the bees use the bird bath. It may be my pool is the salt water type and therefore bees stay away - any way - good luck


Hi Dusty, I would advertise for somewhere a bit closer. I’m sure there will be some folks a lot closer to you that would love to have bees on their property, especially after the offer of a sweet golden reward. Hopefully you wont have to move your hives. However bees ARE addictive, sometimes one or two hives just isn’t enough:) If that ends up being the case, you may have to move your hives.