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Inspection Frequency, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia



We performed a thorough inspection of our hives (3 of) a couple of days ago.
All looked well with 6 to 7 of the frames of each brood box packed with larvae or capped brood. As we don’t have a harsh winter here in SE Queensland there isn’t any need to be overly concerned with wintering of the hives. Sometimes we add an extra super but remove it as the year progresses. It just keeps it simpler for us.
We run single brood deep 10 frame langstroth with single same sized super.

Now all this led me to thinking of how often we should be inspecting the brood.
I suspect some people never perform inspections, some do it a couple of times a year and others more frequently.
We would do an inspection of the brood box (frame by frame) a half a dozen times a year, most of them around the spring/summer build up. The supers are checked more frequently.

What do others do? How often do you do a full inspection of the brood box/boxes?
All your inputs appreciated



I do inspections every 10 days or so in early spring- then hardly at all throughout the honey season- unless I suspect a problem like queenlessness. I inspect nucs and caught swarms a bit more often- as it’s so much easier- and to see how they are building up.

I don’t like to inspect unless I have to as I dislike disturbing the bees and breaking up there little cross comb highways etc. however when I do inspect I generally try and remove comb where it’s where I don’t want it.

I plan to be more proactive next spring and inspect even more to prevent swarming if I can

We don’t seem to have many diseases here- which means I can get away with less inspirations than others have to do


I inspect my hives every 7 to 10 days weather permitting, that gives me the chance to control any hive beetles and to give me peace of mind that all is going well. I like to let nature take its course but am pro-active in caring for my hives. Spring is the time to check for signs of swarming but it can happen any time the climate is warmer.
Seems we are in the same area. I have a thread for local bee keepers on the forum.


Every 7 days during the swarming season, 10 days if the queen is clipped. We don’t have constant flows here, generally getting a spring flow if we’re lucky and a summer one. If I lose a swarm the hive will not produce a surplus that year so I have to be on my toes.
The brood gets a thorough disease inspection twice a year.