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How long is it okay to keep a captured swarm in a nuc box?

My second hive was making swarm prep and I managed to shovel them (using a thin piece of cardboard, not a real shovel :sweat_smile:) into a nuc box made of coreflute-like material. I gave them two frames of open & capped brood from their mother hive and three previously used/cut out frames. I decided the queen must be in there with them because they settled in immediately and have been calm & orderly since.

I chocked the nuc on both sides to keep it from being blown over if we get a strong enough wind. I have another 8 frame deep but need to assemble 3 more frames. Think they’ll be okay until tomorrow afternoon?

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Hi Eva, They will settle in happily and wait while you finish making up the frames then it is just a matter of placing the new hive in the same place as the nuc and pointing in the same direction and switching the frames from the nuc into the new hive. Leave the nuc box at the hive entrance laying open on it’s side and watch the parade of straggling bees walking into their new home.


Be quick. A prime is often to big for s nuc box. Good catch.

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Good point, and thanks Dee. Two scoops off of the front of the mother hive did pretty much fill that nuc box, and brood will soon be hatching from the other frames I put in :grimacing:

Realizing I also lack a bottom board…